CDC reports that African American women are at a high risk for developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and breast cancer, due to sedentary jobs, unhealthy diets, stress, or unhealthy amount of body fat, which can be found in those that are underweight or overweight. 
In 2017, The American Heart Association reported that 49% of African American women in the United States over the age of 20 had some type of heart disease. That is nearly 1 out of every 2 African American women.

Lifestyle changes like healthy eating, exercising, maintaining a healthy weight, not going overboard on alcohol, and quit smoking can prevent 80% of heart disease events, and lower the risk of developing diabetes and breast cancer. These lifestyle changes can also help reverse Type 2 diabetes.

will help you

  • obtain and maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • lose weight
  • teach healthy eating habits
  • prevent, reverse, or control  Type 2 diabetes
  • lower risk of breast cancer
  • lower your blood pressure level
  • decrease your bad cholesterol level
  • reduce and prevent cellulite
  • reduce body fat
  • build and maintain lean muscles
  • strengthen and transform your body
  • improve your balance
  • strengthen your heart, immune system, and your cardiovascular system
  • reduce or eliminate stress 
  • improve body flexibility 
  • improve your sleeping, self esteem, and productivity

With LAMONT'S FITNESS high intense, low impact workouts, and healthy eating habits, I'm confidence you will loss weight, obtain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you have any comments, questions or would like my service,  please feel free to contact me.
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